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Save money and manpower

Save money on your Peristaltic Hose purchases with quality guaranteed!

DOUBLE your hose life and cut your power consumption by HALF!

Look no further for a new, low maintenance, cost-effective pump!

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EPS - Manufacturers of the Highest Quality Peristaltic Hose and Pumps



We make Peristaltic Hoses to run perfectly in ALL makes of pumps…

Hoses manufactured by Environmental Pumping Solutions Ltd are the result of many years of investment, testing and development dating back to 1977.

From our automated UK-based manufacturing facility we are able to provide precision ground peristaltic hose for ALL makes of peristaltic pump.

We also guarantee our finished product to provide excellent life and complete interchangeability with your existing purchase....

Pick the Company 4 out of the 6 leading Peristaltic Pump Manufacturers already use for their hose.



Simply the best Pumps in the World…

Our peristaltic pumps are taller and wider than the industry standard and therefore the distance the roller is in contact with the hose is much greater creating an increased flow per revolution. This means our pump will run at half the speed of a standard pump, provide twice the hose life, yet produce the same output…

So you save money on hose, lubricant, maintenance AND cut your energy consumption by typically 50%!



Want to increase your customer satisfaction AND your profits?

Say yes to hose sales by selling peristaltic hose for ALL makes of peristaltic pump. You no longer need to wait for a customer who needs to buy a new pump, simply find a customer who has any peristaltic pump and sell him our hose.

The customer will save money and you will have an instant customer. Once he orders you can expect all his future hose orders…

Say yes to pump sales by selling a super-efficient pump that runs at half the speed and half the power of a standard peristaltic pump. A pump that can provide your customer twice the hose life saving them money on hose, lubricant, energy and manpower will be an easy sale every time!...

Beat your competition by selling a better pump!



4 out of the top 6 pump manufacturers use our peristaltic hose, here’s why…

Biggest range of sizes, temperature capabilities and materials and of course fantastic value on precision machine ground hose.

Emergency hose building program to help you out when you need it and stock hose reserved exclusively for your Company, giving you immediate delivery.

Are you looking for a peristaltic hose design that does not exist yet? We have worked with many customers to develop a new peristaltic hose to fit their exact requirements.

Switch to Environmental Pumping Solutions hose and supply your customers with the industry’s highest quality hose!